- Skeet's Story -

     Skeet Smith grew up in Breckenridge, Texas, a small, friendly town just northeast of Abilene. He was the son of a true Texan cowboy, and as a young boy, his father never failed to teach him to take pride in everything he did. He soon received the nick name “Skeet” after his football coaches often referred to him as being “as tough as a Mesquite tree”. At the age of 16, he began his first job working long hours as a dishwasher at Hubbard Lake Steakhouse. Twenty-four years later in 1976, his hard work paid off, and he opened his first restaurant in Colorado City, called Penny Lane, a fast food chicken and seafood joint that expanded to locations in Snyder, Lubbock, and Irving. In 1980, he opened the original Skeet’s called Skeet’s Landing in Sweetwater, Texas.
     Over the next few years, Skeet would open and run several restaurants including Chicken on the Run, Pablo's, Lil Pablo's, and Skeet's Chicken and Sea. In 1999, Skeet's Texas Grill was formed, and today has locations in Sweetwater, Merkel, Snyder, and Abilene Texas. Today, Skeet is still cookin’ and lives in Sweetwater, Texas with his wife, Pam, where he serves on the worship team at his church. Though Skeet has developed and operated many different restaurants, he has always had one goal in mind: to give his best efforts to all of his customers and try his hardest to deserve their support…and create great food of course.